Quickie Chicken and Tomatoes

I spent the day in Avery Island, LA with my best friend and her daughter (my “niece”). If you’ve never taken the Tabasco/Jungle Gardens tour, you must you must you must. It’s such a unique thing to do on a wonderfully sunny day. Lucky day: If you purchased anything from the gift shop today, you got … Continue reading


I was near Chicago all last week. I was able to visit and do tourist-y things with my own personal tour guide for 9 straight hours on Sunday. My. body. hates. me. Someone once said that when you turn 30 it’s all down hill from here. Well, I’m starting to feel the transition. I’ve always imagined Chicago … Continue reading

Strawberry Shortcake Cloud

Here’s my spin on Strawberry Shortcake. By the way, how do you like my new blog layout? I bought a small loaf of cooked Angel Food cake and a container of strawberries at Wal-mart the other day with the intention of preparing a mock SS cake. However, my inspiration went a little further today at … Continue reading

Zesty Orange French Toast

Good morning, all! My friend had a hankering for French toast this morning so that’s exactly what I cooked. Challenge accepted! My aunt gave me this recipe and said it was a nice spin on typical French toast. Zesty Orange French Toast 6 slices of thick sliced bread zest from 1 orange 1/2 cup milk … Continue reading

Strawberry Dream

Cousin to Orange Dream Smoothie. Who knows. I might even try a blueberry or peach rendition. I went to the dentist today so half of my face is numb. I decided on a smoothie for lunch. Follow the Orange Dream recipe and instead of oranges I, of course, used strawberries and the new Cran-Cherry juice. … Continue reading

“If it’s good…spit it out”

I disagree. This kind of negative view on “diet” really does bother me. I bet there’s at least 1 idea in this blog that tastes “good”. I work with the Tennessee Coordinated School Health program and recently I’ve been participating in Chef Night. This is a night where school children and their families can come … Continue reading