I was near Chicago all last week. I was able to visit and do tourist-y things with my own personal tour guide for 9 straight hours on Sunday. My. body. hates. me. Someone once said that when you turn 30 it’s all down hill from here. Well, I’m starting to feel the transition.

I’ve always imagined Chicago as a bustling, windy city thanks to Lake Michigan. And for the most part, it was. It was only windy when there wasn’t a building near you to block the wind. People were everywhere, busy doing their own thing. Restaurants and extrememly attractive architecture around every corner. It was breathtaking. Absolutely overwhelming.

We ate lunch at Giordano’s. Apparently “the best deep dish in Chicago”.

My friend "D", the tour guide

We decided on a meaty mix of pepperoni and ground beef. The pizza automatically takes 35 minutes to cook because of the deep dish crust. We enjoyed some “312” while waiting. A very delightful, fresh, light, citrus-y beer that goes very well with fresh-squeezed lemon juice (nevermind the Sam Adams glass). Maybe I can find it here??

I have to say that I thorougly enjoyed the flavor of the middle of the pizza. It was a gooey, cheesy, well-flavored mess. The crust, however, was similar to an extremely buttery pie crust. Not your typical pizza crust like Domino’s or Papa John’s.

After fueling up,  we ventured around the city. Stopping here and there to take pictures and admire the skyline. Our first stop was Navy Pier. From here you could get of nice view of the Chicago skyline and shop around for the most appealing boat tour.

I loved the building architecture. And poor Marilyn. According to the locals, she’s been deemed the worst piece of art in the city. Often times, tall, well-endowed women are misunderstood.

The "Bean"
Billy Goat Tavern

After a long day of walking, we headed to dinner at Hamburger Mary’s in Andersonville. I wish I could’ve taken a picture of the dining room but it wouldn’t have done it justice. Very eclectic, cool, bright, obnoxious…all of the good things. The tabletops were all decorated differently, some of the chairs were mismatched, engaging artwork all over the walls, a couple of TV’s showing Finding Nemo and the coolest part? The servers bring your bill in a stiletto. Hamburger Mary’s. Eat, drink and be Mary.


The exciting thing is that I get to go back. : )


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  1. Kristin Woolbright says:

    Now you know why anyone from the Chicago area does not consider Domino’s and Papa Johns food “pizza”! I miss good old real pizza…. Glad you’re having fun! You should go there at Christmas!!!

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