I know someone who looks like her…

I’ve been watching Ina Garten on the Food Network. I like her style of cooking and the ingredients she uses touches home with me. I brought some boiled crawfish tails back home with me from my visit earlier in May. I used the crawfish in a Louisiana version of Ina’s lobster mac ‘n cheese. I couldn’t get this dish out of my mind and decided to try it. Shopping for cheese always excites me and I’ve never made homemade macaroni and cheese. My aunts and Grandma always made it with an eggish liquid to help set the dish while cooking (I’m guessing it was similar to a quiche but not as much egg).

It was a really easy dish to make and I must say that lobster is a milder seafood meat and would probably work better in this dish than crawfish but I’d honestly love to try it with crab and maybe even shrimp.

I ate off of this dish for 4 days! I also mimicked another of Ina Garten’s dishes: a steak recipe with sauteed mushrooms. I bought an 8 ounce grass-fed filet from Earthfare, about 10 decent sized Cremini mushroom and fresh Italian flatleaf parsley. Granted, I am a first and foremost a human being : ) and even dietitians eat unhealthily at times. Butter is the best but it does clog your arteries with transfats so tread lightly and limit the use of it. The steak was fantastic and the mushrooms might as well have been made out of heaven. I’m going to send a memo to ask God to have my cloud made out of butter. Check out Ina’s Steakhouse Steaks recipe.

Oh…and Mocha couldn’t wait to see what I cooked up. Cats think they are superior to humans.

Eat up!


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