Me Encanta Mojo Burrito


When I think of Mojo Burrito, I think of dirty hippies and loving life. I often associate it with bike riding and sunny days also. It’s a locally owned Tex-Mex eatery, open 7 days a week and features artwork by local artists and photographers.

The menu boasts a ton of options…most importantly, the burritos. If you’re a hardcore carnivore, you’ll want the Mojo Burrito. Vegetarians will desire the Elmo Burrito. I have never gotten the Mojo so I’ve never tried the meat. But man, oh man, the Elmo is fantastic! My favorite combo is black beans, cheese, spinach, red onion, sour cream, roasted red bell pepper, and pineapple salsa. Not to mention your choice of wraps: whole wheat, spinach, chipotle, sundried tomato basil, jalapeno cheddar, and garlic herb. You get chips and salsa with every order and several beer choices.

The ambiance is great as well. Bright colors, interesting furniture and artistry give you enough to talk about unless you can’t stop talking about how fabulous the goods are! Trust me…Izzo’s and Qdoba cannot touch this place!

Hasta Luego!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kay says:

    Yum, this sounds great. Im ready to go when you are!

  2. food4passion says:

    Hey! I didn’t see your comment. I can go anytime!

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