National Margarita Day??


Yes, you heard me right. Apparently yesterday was national margarita day and it’s simply observed because the margarita is America’s favorite drink.

After Zumba class, Casey and I went to a Mexican restaurant to have a margarita and some fajitas. Mexican food tends to be high in fat and sodium. Let’s start at the top.

Chips and Salsa: Fried tortillas served with a tomato-laden salsa infused with salt. Guacamole is an optional dip and, while still very good, is high in fat. Avocado is high in heart healthy fats but it should still be consumed in smaller portion sizes. Queso dip speaks for itself. It’s usually nothing but processed cheese that’s high in fat and sodium. Next course.

The main entree: There are several fried options in Mexican cuisine. Try to avoid those and save them for special occasions. Chili Rellenos comes to mind. Be careful with anything topped with shredded cheese, cheese sauce or beans. Ask for the sauces on the side. Refried beans are typically cream-o-fied (is that a word?) thanks to the addition of lard. Don’t forget the bean-o.


I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that the portion sizes in Mexican restaurants aren’t stingy. I usually eat half and take the rest home or split the dish with a friend. That’s what we did last night.

Dessert: I almost never get a dessert from a restaurant but when I do, I try to choose wisely. Since most desserts are typically high in fat and sugar, try to eat smaller servings of desserts or opt for fruit. I LOVE that some restaurants are selling the sweet shooters or those desserts that come in miniature sizes. Talk about a positive step towards portion control: obesity’s partner-in-crime.

Adult Beverages: There’s pretty much nothing good about margarita’s unless you’re looking for that blood thinning, buzzing affect. But seriously, margarita’s are high in sugar and the tequila doesn’t make it any better. Alcohol should always be consumed in moderation as I did last night with my un margarita.



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