Sushi Should Be a Food Group!

So I had sushi last night. My friend Jason and I went to my favorite sushi restaurant in town on a busy Friday night. The wait was long but since the company was great it didn’t feel like the eternity that it, in fact, may have been. Watching the sushi chefs prepare and design each order was so entertaining. We met one of the chefs that was working right in front of us and we asked a few questions as he delicately and swiftly created food art.

I ordered a ceviche salad: sashimi with greens, sweet bell peppers and tomatoes and a lime vinaigrette dressing. Sashimi included spicy tuna, white fish, and octopus. Absolutely fantastic! I had never tried octopus before and it was smoky and chewy and delicious; much like raw oysters. And the fish was so tender that I was able to break it apart with my chop sticks. Fish contains high amounts of fat but it contains the “healthy fat” from Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s help reduce inflammation in the body and that is why it is considered a heart healthy food. Reducing inflammation around the heart improves circulation, thus, improving heart function. The greens speak for themselves. Jason actually got to try sea urchin and I’ll let him speak for himself about his thoughts on the flavor. For dessert, we had pineapple and kiwi fruit salad with chocolate truffles.

I love to have the opportunity to try something new. If you have anything to suggest, I’d be happy to get my hands on it and write about it!

Have a great night!


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