Howdy y’all!

Before I begin, may I remind you that this is first and foremost a blog about food and not necessarily about promoting healthy eating. My passion is food. Ya got that? : ) Anywho….with that said, I LOVE BACON!

Bacon is typically a man’s food which I came to understand from my ex-boyfriend and his friends. If he could’ve built a permanent bacon shrine in his house, I think he would’ve done it. But it probably would’ve started to smell. I don’t eat it very often because, let’s face it, there’s nothing good about bacon unless you count that it’s “good for the soul”. But as I sit here eating my delicious BLT from Sonic, I sit in wonder about this fabulously fried pig product, and I feel happy and satisfied. Pork can come in all shapes in sizes but I can remember two things about pork while growing up in southern Louisiana: fried pork skins and bacon sandwiches my mom used to make. I don’t know if it’s the salt or the fat or the smoky flavor…I just love bacon. I do consider it a treat when I get to eat bacon because I hardly ever buy any.

I mention bacon almost daily to clients and tell them to try and avoid it in their diet. I consider it, as Allison may have described it, an “every now and then” food. That’s when I get the question, “Well, what about turkey bacon?”. Turkey bacon is leaner and contains less fat so if you are a person who LOVES bacon and must have it all of the time then go with the turkey bacon. I strongly recommend not eating it all of the time but if you must…

Check out these bacon websites: Bacon Freak and Bacon Today

Have a great one!


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