Throw Me Something!

Laissez les bon temps roulez!

 Let the good times roll! We are swiftly approaching my favorite time of the year, Mardi Gras. This year it falls on March 8th. Sadly I will not be home to partake of king cake, bbq and  Abita beer. Louisiana (my home state) has the best food that I’ve ever eaten and I absolutely love the culture. Most people think Louisiana cooking means “spicy” but, if you were to believe this rumor, you would be missing out on greatness.

 I never used to cook. In fact, not at all. But over the years, I was able to refine my techniques and now cooking is my favorite hobby. I love to entertain and see the “yummy” food faces. I can think of many people (you know who you are!) that help me to make the most delicious dishes. Let me get your tastebuds going and your bellies rumbling: pralines, jambalaya, shrimp and okra gumbo, fried sacalait and grilled redfish, hush puppies, and dem good ole blue crabs and crawfish! And don’t forget about mastering the art of a roux. We don’t want those peas to be lonely. Mais cher….das good!


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