Now, That’s Ugli!

Happy Friday!

 I went to EarthFare tonight. It’s my favorite store and thank goodness for will power! I’m not really trying to advertise for them but I receive awesome coupons weekly and get lots of free food (usually, they want you to spend $5-$10). Tonight, I got a whole chicken, a bag of baby carrots, mashed potatoes and chocolate truffles for free. I had to spend $10 and $5 but it’s worth it. While I was there, I saw an “ugli fruit” and had to get it. I had never seen one so I decided to buy one and check it out.

Apparently, this fruit is in the tangelo family. It was discovered in Jamaica over 80 years ago. It’s a little smaller than a honey dew or cantaloupe. It’s very similar to a grapefruit with a tangy-sweet flavor and very juicy. You peel it just like you would an orange or tangerine. When it’s ripe, it’s supposed to have the flesh color of a grapefruit and when you press into the flesh it should give way. Eat it by itself, mix it with a fruit salad, or add it to a green salad. One ugli fruit has approximately 22 grams of carbs and 4 grams of fiber.

 Check out UGLI’s website for more info…including recipes!



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