It’s Okay to Eat a Hamburger!

Hi all!

 I get a lot of cowering and guilt-ridden comments from people when they find out I’m a dietitian. I assume they’re ashamed to be seen with a piece of fried chicken or apple pie when I walk past them. Newsflash: I’m human and I eat things that aren’t necessarily healthy for you. I was eating a hamburger the other day and someone passed by and basically said that I shouldn’t be eating a hamburger because it’s not healthy and I tell people not to eat them. Yes, there are dietitians out there who eat very healthily but there are dietitians who eat a normal, every day diet as well.

 My motto is, “Life is a work in progess.” I definitely didn’t eat very well when I was in college and in high school but as I grew up, and with the help of the major I chose in college, I chose to eat healthier every day. Yes, I eat fries. Yes, I eat chocolate cake. Yes, I drink adult beverages. I also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Moderation is key and will always be an important key to successful eating. As my good friend Allison says, “There are everyday foods and there are every now and then foods”. She couldn’t have said it better!

 When I’m talking to someone about nutrition and diet, I focus on their main nutrition concerns but I also remind them that they are human and it’s their choice if they want to eat healthy everyday and have a treat every now and then. I think that makes this concept a little easier to understand and for the goal of eating more healthily each day more attainable.


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