Couch Potato

Hello Everyone!

 I’m Danielle, a registered dietitian, and I love my job. Most people I see on a professional basis aren’t very interested to hear what I have to say but there are some who are. Food is my job and my passion. I’d rather spend my entire paycheck on groceries than any other thing. Unfortunately, my obligations do not allow. So the grocery stops at Earthfare, BiLo, and Fresh Market are sometimes far and few between but when I do get the chance, I spend at least an hour creating, what seems to be, a relationship with each aisle in the store.

I rediscovered my appreciation for fruit this weekend. My friend Josh prepared a fruit salad for us and it inspired me to make my own out of tangerines, kiwi, blood oranges, bananas and peaches…not to mention a side of mango/orange juice. How delicious and full of fiber and antioxidants! I also received a blessing of the throat (Way to go Catholicism) so in combination with the giant fruit salads I’ve been consuming, it looks like I might be scott-free from any further wintry colds!

 I do spend a lot of time on the couch on the weekends and I try to eat low-calorie, yet nutritious, foods. Try a salad of romaine and red chard with mini gourmet cucumbers (not available in all stores) and carrots. Toss it in a homemade dressing of spicy mustard, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a little pepper. Throw in some fresh-baked artisan bread and soft mozzerella (I love how Italians pronounce this cheesy delight) and you’ve got yourself and guilt-free, tummy happy meal!

 Please feel free to leave any comments!


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