Fiber: Friend or Foe?


 You may have read that I rediscovered my appreciation for fruit this past weekend. Well, I may have gone a little overboard. Fiber can be your friend if you slowly increase the amount of fiber-foods you eat every day. Don’t bombard your stomach all at once or you may experience what I felt today. My stomach was orchestrating a well-versed symphony of “gurgle, gurgle, gurgle” and bloating and I was uncomfortable. If you want to consume the recommended 20-30 grams per day, do so with caution. Fiber can provide cholesterol fighting power (thanks Quaker Oats guy), promote weight loss, and give you the opportunity to say hello to your little porcelain friend more often. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, and beans are also a very healthy move towards fighting diverticular diseases and constipation.

 Try to only use over-the-counter fiber supplements to fill in the hole. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all of the other health benefits these foods can give you. Breakfast is a great time to get in some fiber. I found two food items at the grocery store that blew me away: Kellogg’s Fiber Plus with antioxidants bars with 9 grams of fiber per bar and the multi-grain bagel by Olde Hearth with 6 grams per bagel.

 Always make sure you are adequately hydrated when eating your recommended fiber foods. You want to keep everything nice and smoothly flowing, if you get my drift. Oh…and you may want to pick up some bean-o as well.

 Have a great one!


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